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Tang Eray lemonade cookies is a strain got from a collaboration between Lemonnade x Cookies. This new sativa is quickly becoming a favorite among cannabis consumers.

The buds transition between light to dark green with some orange hair patches popping up occasionally. It has a smell like a tangerine fruit, leaving a citrus flavor at back of your tongue.

The high is fantastic and has all the characteristics we have come to love from some of the famed sativa strains. It has an initial punch but you’ll be back to normal in a bit and able to focus on different task.

Named for its heavenly and tart flavor, this bud has a high that is dynamic and educational, ideal for a wake-and-prepare. Every toke welcomes on lip-puckering kinds of harsh citrus and sweet lemon, wrapped up with traces of sharp wood and hearty pine.

Aroma Of The Tang Eray  Lemonade Cookies

The smell is on the better side, albeit still intensely citrusy and woody, with harsh orange suggestions. The Tang Eray Lemonade Cookies  high is similarly as splendid, with lifting and invigorating impacts that will get you up and moving.

This exotic weed  gives you a jolt of energy and is perfect for those looking to pull an all nighter. Finally, like some of the famed sativa’s we have come to love, Tang Eray strain has a decent staying power and long lasting high.

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