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OOH LALA Strain is one of the new strains released by lemonade. It was made after a collaboration between Lemonade and Cookies fam.

The genetics of this strains are still kept secret but we speculate it is a 50% – 50% hybrid with THC Levels averaging 21%

Like many of the other lemonade strains such tangeray, pineapple piss, cake mix strain and lion’s mane strain, ooh lala buds has a color transition between light green to dark green with occasional orange patches. It has a citrus, creamy flavor and leaves a sweet taste at the back of your tongue. Buy Lemonade strain’s online

The high from ooh lala is long lasting and has a full body effect. This Lemonade strain is perfect for those suffering from insomnia due to it’s sedative effects

It is also good for those suffering from migraines and chronic pains due to it’s numbing effects

Just like the name indicates, this strain will have you flying in cloud nine. Buy Ohh LALA strain online at Cookiesconnected

Effects Of OOH LA LA Strain

Medicinal Effect: Low-Moderate Strength. No couch lock, but not active. Sort of a middle-of-the-road head to body high. A little unfocused. At the point when users tear open the 3.5 bags the nose is first attracted to a nostalgic aroma of normal dried organic product roll-ups.

It’s sweet, acrid, and inviting. There’s traces of soil and sweet orange skin to balance it. In any case, I truly needed to free my brain and uncover a portion of these notes .Buy Ooh Lala strain online from our shop today.

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