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Jealousy Strain  by Minntz is an indica dominant hybrid strain . This Cookies Strain comes from a collaboration between the Minntz, Seed Junky Genetics and Cookies Oakland . The original breeders of this strain were the Seed Junky Genetic crew.

The Jealousy Strain is currently grown by The Minntz and distributed by the Cookies fam. This Cookies Strain is generated from a flamboyant cross  between the Gelato 41 X Sherb bx1 . jealousy buds have a frosty shine accompanied by a dark purple hue.

This exotic bud has a funky , gassy and sweet aroma which will leave its consumer feeling amazed .The fragrance is a sweet gritty, fruity, with mint and a dash of pine that helps users a ton to remember gelato however with a sweet elevating punch. Buy Jealousy Strain online from our Cookies Weed Shop.

The smell out of the jealousy  pack is a gritty sweet natural fruity aroma .This aroma combined with a solid new component and a trace of vanilla that hits consumers like no other regular outdoor bud they ever had before. On busting open a nug, the sweet organic product shifts with the presentation of a cake batter.

This brings about a greater amount of a crusty fruit-filled treat sprinkled with rock sugar vibe and simply a trace of mint out of sight. When crushed by hand and leaves a clingy sweet minty film on the fingertips. Buy Jealousy Strain at

 A beautiful purple strain , extremely clingy and thick , bright orange hairs and emerald leaves sprouting throughout the flower with tons of trichomes.


This Cookies Strain has an abnormally high THC content ranging from 26.5%- 29.4%. This makes it perfect for treating patients suffering from, insomnia , nausea , constant fatigue and damaged appendages. The Jealousy Strain is  great for anytime, it leaves consumers feeling  stronger and  balanced.

Most reviewers say this strain will definitely hit harder than you expect making its users sleep like babies . Buy Jealousy and other mintz strains such as Emrald Cut strain and the Soap Strain online at our shop.

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