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The Collins Ave strain is a fairly new strain but is already gaining ground among cannabis consumers. The Collins Ave strain was created from a collaboration between two popular cannabis fams (Cookies x Mintz).

 A lot of information about this strain is still kept secret but we know it is an indica dominant hybrid. Its nugs are similar to that of the famed blue dream stain .Buy Collins Ave online at our Cookies Weed Shop today.

It leaves a sugary, cherry taste at the back of your tongue. The high from the Collins Ave Strain is similar to that from blue dream. It is affects both the mind and body leaving the consumer both intensely relaxed and numb.

If your looking for a new strain to try out then we definitely recommend the The Collins Ave. It is a perfect blend of sweet and cheesy gas that will get your mind floating in the clouds.

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Collins Ave minntz also has robust genetics producing a variable number  of phenotypes . Buy Collins Ave Strain together with other outstanding Cookies Strains such as the Gary Payton, and London Pound Cake  online .Collins Ave, otherwise called “Collins Avenue,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain made through intersection the notorious (Kush Mints 11 X GTI) X Kush Mints 11 strains. Collins Ave Pre Rolls for sale online



The high of this exotic cookies strain  beginnings in the head with a lifted inclination, filling you with a jubilant rapture that pushes out any negative or hustling contemplations very quickly. As your brain subsides into this glad express, a quieting actual impact will work its direction all through your body, leaving you feeling a touch calmed and absolutely calm.
This exotic cookies strain has THC % averaging 25, these durable impacts makes the  Collins Ave strain the ideal bud for treating conditions like chronic pain , rtune, ongoing weakness, discouragement or emotional episodes and lack of appetite

Flavor And Scent

This Cookies strain has a rich harsh citrus flavor with traces of sweet berries and sharp mint, as well. The fragrance is natural and minty with a sweet over tone that turns zesty with traces of weighty diesel as the nugs are fallen to pieces and consumed with smoldering heat.
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